July 1, 2013

This is the personal web site of Dale Brayden.

For you headhunters corporate recruiting specialists out there, I’ve thoughtfully left my resume in a convenient place. If you are recruiting for a company that is even more amazing than Google I would be happy to hear from you. But I’m pretty happy at Google.

For everyone else, I have an rss feed if you want to keep track of updates, and I may even put something on this site from time to time. Maybe it will be interesting to you, maybe not. Whatever.

This is a static site generated using some ruby programs and the excellent pandoc tool, with style and layout shamelessly stolen from another pandoc user. I am a big fan of markdown, and pandoc-enhanced markdown is a thing of beauty. All content on this site was either written in markdown, or converted to markdown from my old TWiki site.

Mostly, this site scratches an itch I seem to have: without a website I feel that something is missing. It gives me something to do in the evenings. I would hate to waste the money I’ve spent on my domain name.